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ACAP is an association of Chinese American professionals with a wide variety of expertise including engineering, science, health care, business, humanity, education, and arts and culture. Founded in 1978, and currently with a total membership of approximately 200, the ACAP recruits its members from, but not limited to, the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Oklahoma.


In 2001, the ACAP, in collaboration with JP Morgan Chase, Shell Oil Company and Marathon Oil Company, organized the inaugural Diversity Summit annual conference. This annual conference has since gained wider support and attendance of 300 to 400 participants from other major corporations and organizations in the greater Houston area.

As a non-profit organization, the ACAP strives to foster the professional development and fellowship among its members, to facilitate the development of leadership skills of Chinese Americans professionals, and to address various issues that Chinese American professionals faced in the workplace.

In order to encourage professional advancement of the members, the ACAP regularly hosts technical seminars and workshops with various professional disciplines throughout the year. The flagship activity is the Science, Engineering and Technology Seminar (SETS) held in Houston in the summer of each year.  SETS usually draw 200 to 300 participants.  These seminars, workshops and conferences are multidisciplinary, and often involve guest speakers from other states and foreign countries.

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